We live just minutes outside Moncton, NB in the Magnetic Hill area, with our daughter Crystal.


We purchased our first toller in 1984, and shortly after we started showing him in conformation, and training him for hunting, but did not run any Hunt Tests until years later.


In 1990 we purchased our first stud dog from Littleriver Kennels, and in 1991, our first breeding female came from Westerlea Kennels in BC.  We bred a couple of litters and selected certain pups to keep, as well as purchased a couple of dogs from Derek & Pam Dunn, of Kare Kennels.  All of the dogs we have now carry on from the great dogs we had from the past.


We have also done some obedience with some of our dogs, as well as continuing on with the conformation aspect.


We started working dogs in the field by training our first Labrador retriever who was given to us by Janet Bourgeois in 1995, he was CH. Jbee Jem’s Caesar O’The Hub, CD,WCX,and started retriever in NAHRA. After running the field tests we were hooked, and started training our Tollers for the Hunt Tests, and the Working Certificates, by putting several titles on different dogs, as well as our newer Labradors, who are both field bred dogs.


In 2006 our daughter Crystal also got the bug ands has helped train her own dog to run in the field tests, he is CH.Yellowrose’s Taylor Made, WC, which she put on him, as well as the first 2 legs of their Hunt Tests at present.